Weekly Sittings Each Tuesday

Each Tuesday, Tammy leads the group in a meditation that usually lasts around 40 minutes, and then she presents a “Dharma Talk” on a subject related to the Buddha’s teachings.

Some people arrive early just to chat with friends and meet new visitors.  Please remove shoes before entering the meditation hall.  We begin with a bell to start the meditation session promptly at 6:00.  Latecomers are asked to enter the room quietly and take a seat in the back of the room.  Sometimes a few words are spoken or a chant is sung to guide the meditation, which lasts around 40 minutes.   A bell is rung three times to end the meditation.  We then receive a teaching and sometimes finish with a short discussion of the talk.

Second Tuesday Tea

Join us for Tea-time after the Sangha meeting on the second Tuesday of each month.  Come get to know your fellow meditators.